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Discover the McLAren 720S in its new Gulf Oil “clothing”

McLaren, together with Gulf, had already launched a special edition of the model Elva with the characteristic colors of the fuel company, but now who wins the new blue and orange paint job is the 720S model, a model with larger scale production.

The project was carried out by McLaren's special operations division and the painting took 20 days to complete. After all, it was handmade by skillful artists. In addition to the exotic external look, the vehicle has the Gulf Oil logo on the upholstery, orange brake calipers and a steering wheel stripe.

The partnership does not stop there. The two McLaren cars that make up the Formula 1 grid are also freshly painted. The MCL35M models, piloted by the British Lando Norris and the Australian Daniel Ricciardo, also entered the track with the gulf painting for the Sunday, May 23rd Monaco Grand Prix.

The cars were painted in traditional blue and orange tones from Gulf Oil, but they were completely matte. In addition, the drivers' overalls as well as their helmets were personalized with a retro design.

Before the race, Lando Norris, one of the drivers of the McLaren’s team, said the cars will stand out on the streets of Monaco. "I think everyone can agree that it will be the most beautiful car on the grid," he said. Ricciardo was also excited about the new colors.

McLaren Racing CEO and Formula One team chief Zak Brown said the fans motivated the change, but that it will be unique saying that the company plans to only make it for the Monaco Grand prix.

It is worth remembering that the British company entered into a partnership with Gulf Oil in 2020 after trying a new agreement with Petrobras, without success. With that, the oil company's logo returned to overalls and F1 cars, but in a timid way. With the new contract, companies reissue their famous partnership that lasted from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s in Formula 1, and in the 1990s with the F1 GTR.

The 720S reaches 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds and can reach 341 km / h. Its engine is a 4.0 biturbo V8 with 720 hp and 78.5 kgmf. There is still no news of how many customers will have the opportunity to have a car customized with Gulf Oil colors.

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